Falling for Fall! Crisp Weather and New Routines

It’s an exciting season here! See what we are eating to nourish our bodies and moves to keep our bodies healthy, and hear who is inspiring us now!  


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Hi there, I’m Bianca


Excited to see you here. We want you to get inspired about your life and the future. From the best home organizing tips to filling your fridge with nourishing foods, choosing the right supplements, and decluttering your life to feel better it’s all possible. Health, happiness, and taking your life in a meaningful direction begins with intention. Welcome to our blog. I’m glad you’re here.






Chic Organization

Living NOW

I love creating spaces that flow, spark whimsy, and smartly conceal all the things we own …until we need them that is! Life is so much calmer when we feel organized. We can take on the day with ease. I love being up to date on the latest health and home products that actually work. So you will get to know what I’m using and how they help me in my daily life.

Summer getaways without sacrificing your health

Summer getaways without sacrificing your health

Summertime can create the best memories for us, and our families. Couples use the time away to re-connect and recharge. But sometimes we over do it on vacation leaving us rundown when we get back to our normal lives. Some simple planning and packing ken supplements before could save your trip from unexpected health issues and allow even better downtime. Here are some easy and simple steps that will keep you feeling great while on the road. 

Dry Brushing | A Skin Care Ritual

Dry Brushing | A Skin Care Ritual

I am someone who loves the idea of dry brushing and the Ayurvedic principles. The problem is dedicating the time ( I know it’s just a few minutes a day but somehow I still can’t carve it out) consistently to reap the benefits. I am going to make an effort at it this...

Developing Your Own Personal Style

Developing Your Own Personal Style

when we are bombarded on social media of gorgeous images to sift through and decide what it is you really like as compared to what is just being marketed to make you feel you have it. Developing a personal style helps us overcome this.

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