Bonjour! Since I have been doing so much traveling lately, I thought it would be fun to show everyone my travel bag essentials. I simply cannot board the plane unless I’ve got these things packed in my carry on. It sounds silly but just by having a few small comforts like these truly make my travel experience so much more enjoyable.

So! Starting from the top and moving clockwise down…

1. My sunglasses. I have sensitive eyes so really I never go anywhere without a pair. Plus they can give a nice sense of privacy if you’re trying to sleep on the plane.. or just people watch in the airport. ;]

2. Noise cancelling headphones are so nice to have!

3. Comfy shoes make long flights so much more cozy.

4. A great book…duh!

5. These two go hand in hand. The bottle is Russian Choice Immune capsules. They boost your immune system. I love to take them any time I travel or after I’ve been anywhere with big crowds of people. The second item, in the smaller box, are Boiron Oscillococcinum tablets. And those are for when the immune boosters don’t fully do the trick. This is what saves me from getting sick on important business trips.

6. A soft scarf or shawl is a must. Sometimes airplanes are just too chilly!

7. Hand Sanitizer

8. Lip Balm

9. A cute bag to put it all in

10. And lastly, a luggage tag with your contact info! Because how sad would it be to lose all of your wonderful travel essentials!?

Happy flying…