Recently I had the opportunity to enjoy a sound bath at the Integratron in Landers, Ca. about twenty minutes from Joshua Tree National Park. I had heard about this place for quite some time and was reminded of it recently from reading Atlas Obscura. Landers isn’t exactly on your way to anywhere. It is quite literally in the middle of high-desert-nowhere. Despite that, it’s worth the trip for many reasons. The story of what it is and why it exists is fascinating. The dome’s creator, George Van Tassel recounts being taken onto a spacecraft by a creature from Venus. Van Tassel claims that the alien divulged the secret to eternal youth, both verbally and telepathically. Once back on planet earth he set out building the Integratron; A structure that would not only rejuvenate the human body but also allow for time travel. Unfortunately…Van Tassel died of a heart attack in 1978 before completing his work on the Integratron. The space was completed and now visitors enjoy sound baths in the dome-like, single-room structure. Sound baths are a completely relaxing experience. Small groups of around thirty people come in and lay down in a circle, feet towards the center. Quartz crystal bowls are set up in the middle of the circle and played by the host, creating beautiful deep humming vibrations. If you’ve ever run your finger across the rim of a crystal wineglass to make it echo, imagine that sound deepened and magnified. It’s incredible! The way the dome is constructed, you can hear every minute sound– every sniffle and cough– and absolutely the hypnotic hum of the crystal bowls. Despite the random location there is something purely deliberate about the people who come here. The  fascinating story about UFO’s and the history of this California desert area make for an incredibly memorable experience.