Check out some of my amazing pictures from my time in Madrid. What a dream– such a wonderful place!

Day Trip by train Toledo. This city is so rich in culture and history! Also known as the Imperial City, it was the main location for the court of Charles V, among so many other historic figures. Do yourself a favor and google this place. It’s incredible.

Inside the Cathedral located next to the royal palace.

Casa Lucio — So yummy. Huevos estrellados are insane.

Croquettes all day

Touring around Toledo

Mine? More Toledo…

I wasn’t able to get any photos inside the Royal Palace but so worth the visit. Definitely recommend!

Getting ready for my first ever hot air balloon ride!


Successfully back on earth

Royal Palace at night

Outside the Royal Palace, this statue is famous. It is was the first in all of Europe to depict a horse rearing (standing on its two hind legs with the two front feet in the air).

Game time! Up close to Cristiano Ronaldo was okay looking… *wink wink*😉

Adios for now! xoxo