The Bonjour Effect is an essential read if you’re interested in France- living there, traveling there, or working there.  I find the french incredibly sexy, fun, sophisticated, and intriguing. The Bonjour Effect is a great read if you want to find out what makes them tick. Written by a husband and wife who decided to move their children to France and raise them. It’s a fun, easy read that puts you in the mind of a true French citizen. I learned a lot about why they do what they do. It’s also a helpful read for anyone who’s curious about spending more time in the country or with people from France. I definitely found myself ready to book another flight after I finished reading it. I especially liked the chapters that explain why the French are so selective with friends (though we know they can’t say the same for lovers) and where their love of debate comes from. Always great to enjoy a dinner party conversation with my Parisian pals and I get why it’s part of their joie de vivre! Here’s a link to pick up your own copy!  Au revoir!