With the approaching holidays, I always find myself reminiscing about family and the lives they led. The lives of our parents always seem so exciting and unique to our modern lives now. My mom was a flight attendant. Back when it was still super chic and they were the most glamorous ladies–  flying around with go-go boots and pill box hats. She had the best stories about Bob Hope and other celebrities of a bygone era. They were having a party in the sky every trip they took.  Not a bad career for a woman in the 1960’s.

Then here I come. As a child I grew up on airplanes.  Mom would take me to work and I’d get to go all these fun places. It didn’t seem weird for my mom to fly to a foreign country and come back for dinner. In a way, those planes were her home away from home. Maybe that’s why I’m so comfortable getting on one every few days for my job. I don’t think it’s particularly glamorous now.  In fact it can be exhausting and draining. It can wreak havoc on my skin and sleep patterns. I’m not complaining because I know deep down I wouldn’t have it any other way! I do though consider myself a bit of an expert in travel. I’m a second generation gal of the skies! Over the years, and yes of course from my mama’s experience and wise words, I’ve accumulated a few things I do each time I fly that seem to work for me. Maybe they can help your next trip be more seamless as well. I wish my mom was still around to help me have a party in the air. But we do what we can to get to our destination and enjoy the adventure that is life!

Safe travels, xo

* Bianca’s Tips *

Try to travel on the same airline: Once you get status, it’s a lot easier to check more bags free and avoid costly change fees.

Highly suggest you get Global Entry to TSA. It makes security less painful.

Luggage that is quality hard shell and not black is my pretende.  Airport staff toss baggage around so any protection my stuff can get is appreciated. Plus I like to spot my stuff asap. So many fun patterns and colors with luggage now… be expressive! Also funky personalized luggage tags are an added aid.

Using travel apps to book flight/hotel/car all in one are hugely helpful. All of my information is accessible from my phone and all in one place. It can be difficult enough to keep track of boarding passes. Why confuse hotel paperwork/car/etc/etc/ as well.

My Carry On Essentials (see photo blog here)

Noise cancelling earphones, ear plugs , eye mask


My glasses (I’m super blind and try to give my eyes a rest when in the dry air)

Passport – could always be a destination away from someplace else 😉


Some type of homeopathic immunity pills- I am a total germaphobe. I’ve tried them all.  As long as it’s natural you are probably at least mentally making yourself feel better. And the good-for-you-herbs and zinc definitely can’t hurt!

I bring my Spanish and or french workbooks- depending on the week. I’m trying to learn French and RE learn spa-spa.

My kindle

A big scarf – doubles as a blanket but mostly I cover my mouth when I hear a sneeze. I haven’t resorted to face mask yet but definitely considered it as I hate getting sick.

What are some of your travel must-haves?

My Mom’s official Flight Attendant photo <3

Ladies of the era

American Airlines Flight Attendant