If you’re looking for a unique place to rest your head around Ojai, California, I highly suggest you book a night at Caravan Outpost. There you will find eleven well-appointed Airstream trailers to choose from. Yes, Airstreams! The crazy, chrome, luxury mobile-homes sometimes seen being towed behind vehicles. The Airstreams come in all different sizes, some for families, some for just two people, all decorated in a signature ‘Ojai style’ and arranged in a semicircle around a common area. Labeled an adventure hotel, Caravan Outpost offers guests more than just unique and memorable accommodations. There is a nightly campfire where you can grill your own dinner…. Or dessert (hello s’mores!). Evenings are also a fun time to meet your fellow ‘glampers.’ Guests are encouraged to hang out around the campfire with a cocktail, or marshmallow on a stick, and mingle with the other patrons. Complimentary bikes are placed all around the property for your exploration desires. There is no room service or pool at Caravan Outpost but you really don’t notice what’s missing, thanks to the unique ambiance and the charming staff and visitors. The lobby where you check in doubles as a wonderful little store– You can browse the racks of clothes, boots, handmade soaps, blankets, pottery, jewelry….(it goes on and on!) after you’ve grabbed a morning coffee. Many of the items for sale at the Outpost are locally made by artists and craftsmen of the area. If you didn’t already know, Ojai is an artistic wonderland. I’m not sure if the place itself nurtures artistry or artist are simply drawn to the area… either way, WOW! I wanted to buy everything. Everyone staying at Caravan Outpost has done some homework to discover this distinctive, off the beaten path, enclave. I was totally charmed by the ambiance, guests, and whole idea. I have already told so many people about this spot. Here’s a link so that you can book a trip too! http://caravanoutpost.com/book.cfm