My Adventure at Malibu Wines

Cou Cou My Dears!  I discovered this wild place… and I had to share! There’s this beautiful gem hidden in Malibu called Malibu Wines. It’s a vineyard, a tasting room, and an outdoor day lounge all in one.The whole area is spread out on a lawn among trees and nature with picnic benches or big areas of grass to lay a blanket. Surrounding the lawn are a handful of little walk-up bars all serving different types of wine and bubbly made right there at the vineyard. They encourage guests to bring anything they want to picnic. Stop at your favorite sandwich place on the way or pack a basket with a homemade charcuterie plate. Once you arrive find a table or a shady spot in the grass and enjoy… once you’ve gotten your vino of course! Now… the thing that really sold me was the SAFARI to go on there.  Yes! A safari in Malibu. It was so fun. You board a custom safari vehicle and embark into the mountains of Malibu on a safari wine tasting!  They drive you to different tasting areas in the beautiful hills. At each stop, you get off the truck and taste various wines. As you continue the tour and meet some of their animals. There was a beautiful giraffe sort of a crazy sight in Malibu. There were other animals too but I’d hate to spoil the fun and surprise for you. Definitely go! This was such a unique fun experience.