Recently I spoke to Adryenn Ashley for her piece on Thrive Global. She explored the topic of how “Home recharges us physically, but it can also be an invaluable emotional booster to rest in a place that makes you feel like yourself.

I love talking about these topics of balance and harmony for the home. Some excerpts here and full article above.

Lifestyle expert Bianca de la Garza, whose focus is on maintaining modern-day wellbeing in a fast-paced world, says it’s vital.

“Clearing clutter will not only create physical room for your belongings, but there’s a huge mental upside to organizing your home. Clutter contributes to feeling fatigued and anxious, whereas an organized space can bring focus and a sense of calm and control. With everything the world has been through we need to make home organization a priority for our health and happiness.”

Your Space is About You

Organizing and decorating according to who you are and how you want to exist in your space is a big part of Garza’s philosophy. “It’s not about keeping up with the Joneses. The pandemic has taught us so much about what it means to be at peace at home and about what really matters.” She emphasizes incorporating what we’ve learned about our personal habits into our decor.

“I notice that my quirky items displayed in my home bring me the most joy,” says Bianca. “Art I picked up in my travels, for instance, or that family heirloom displayed with pride in my heritage.”

Your home accessories should be pleasing to your senses and personal, not just pulled from a design textbook. “Your taste in decor reflects your personality. That intimate connection with ourselves is something many of us have grown accustomed to being in isolation.”

The Family that Decorates Together

“For me, children are what make a house a true home!” says Garza. “I’m a single mom, and my daughter is my whole world. Our home is sacred to us, so how could we not make it ours together? Over the years I’ve been framing her art and incorporating it along with other pieces. They are my favorite to see when I walk through my door”

When decorating with kids, it’s important that they have input. “Letting them decide the paint color of their room can be very empowering for a child who mostly has no say in the day-to-day routine in their world.” Giving them ownership of their living spaces not only enhances their responsibility of sharing in chores, but it also allows them to express their identity, letting you get to know them better.

Decor as Self Care

Here de la Garza gets philosophical: “Having a space where you can reflect and have quiet time is a luxury that won’t cost you a penny. I like to meditate, so I have a space for that. I also have lots of incense and essential oils I use to fill my home with calming aromas. If you like writing or painting, creating an area to work in is a key component to living well. Things that feed your soul are a sacred act of self care.”