Dressing up with Bianca de la Garza

De la Garza, the longtime TV anchor who signed off last year and now hosts her own show called “Bianca Unanchored,” is in the kitchen of her South Boston condo being interviewed for a feature on the lifestyle blog “Lux & Concord.”

“Would you believe the flowers are always here?” she asks blogger Kaitlin Madden.

De la Garza isn’t taping an episode of her own show today, but she looks camera-ready: the cascade of blond hair extensions, the black eyelashes of a Bond girl, and, always, spiked heels. (An embroidered pillow in the living room reads: The higher the heel the better the day.) De la Garza is put together today because she’s leaving soon to go to a reception at the Boston Harbor Hotel and then to Sam’s at Louis for a bite with her bestie, Elisha Daniels.

“I do have some crazy long days,” she says, “This isn’t one of them.”

As cohost of WCVB-TV’s “EyeOpener” newscast, de la Garza used to wake up at 2:45 a.m. Not anymore. Now she’s available to get her daughter, Danica, off to school or to a violin lesson afterward. At the moment, the 9-year-old is curled up with an iPad on the sofa. It’s striking how little Danica looks like her mom. With the dark hair and eyebrows of her father, WBZ-TV’s David Wade, she’s Lourdes to de la Garza’s Madonna. (Wade and de la Garza are divorced.)

“Dani helps me with all my choices, don’t you, Dani?” says de la Garza. “She has a keen eye.”

And there are a plenty of choices. When she occupied the anchor desk, her closet was mostly full of solid colors and monochrome patterns. And never anything too revealing. Now, as she rebrands herself, de la Garza, 37, is taking more chances. On Facebook and Instagram, she posts playful, sometimes provocative photos of herself in a bathing suit or a short, extra-snug skirt, often holding a Dunkin’ Donuts cup. (The company is a major sponsor of the show.)