I grew up in Boston and I always remember as a child going to Anthony’s Pier 4 with my mom.  It was a legendary restaurant on the wharf overlooking the water… one of those timeless places where the walls were decorated with photos of celebrities who frequented the place. The waitresses wore these vintage brown dresses and white aprons, the waiters wore a uniform best described as 1800’s sailors.  They would walk about with baskets of hot popovers, distributing them to the tables of eager patrons. If you aren’t familiar with a popover, you need to introduce them to your life!  They are a breakfast delight, sort of a cross between a light airy, subtly sweet-salty bread, and a muffin. The warm flaky egg bread has a hollow inside, the perfect space for butter.  As an adult these are a rare treat but it’s a special holiday indulgence. One that brings me back to my childhood and being with family celebrating special moments! Click here to learn to make them yourself, courtesy of Ina Garden, the queen of classic dishes! The classic method requires a popover pan, which looks like a muffin tin with unusually tall, narrow ramekins. But I’ve found that a plain old muffin tin does the job for a home cook just as well. They can honestly be eaten at any time of day with any food, but they pair especially well with butter and jam and maybe some eggs on the side.

Anthony’s Pier 4 Restaraunt