Working Woman

As I sit on the plane flying back to Los Angeles, I took a deep breath and practically sank into my seat. I’ve been traveling a LOT lately. Partially for work and partially for play, I’ve been going full speed for quite a few weeks. Thinking about my travel schedule and my family schedule, and work, and friends, I began to dissect my life a little bit. What did I do especially for me and my own sanity to make all of this possible without a massive burn-out or break-down? It’s so easy to fall into the trap of being a “yes-woman” and taking on too much, or letting our health be the last thing on our list as we race around accomplishing goals and caring for loved ones. I made a list of everything I do for ME whether it be caring for my body or pampering myself. I was so proud to see how many choices I make for myself and my health! These little things are so important to me.  This is what keeps me at 100% so that I can continue accomplishing all of my goals and being a positive role model for my daughter, Danica. What do you do for yourself to make you happy?

Here’s my list… xoxo
I rest when I can and when my body tells me to before I’m sick or rundown
I never have soda
Coffee is only until 2 pm or max 4pm when on vacation
Workout 5 times a week 1-3 hours
I don’t eat carbs or meat unless I’m on vacation

I drink a gallon of water a day

I get massages when I’m in one city for at least a week. (including being home)

I make to-do lists
I nap!
I use my travel aps to book flights and have my info saved to keep the process fast and simple.
I skip breakfast most days and have a shake and coffee. Lunch or late lunch is big and dinner most times small.
I delegate what I can’t do
I order groceries for delivery staples and hit the farmers market for my fresh produce
I wear sunscreen and my seatbelt
I always plan the day the night before – emails and appt I have and must attend to.
I keep and make my doctors appts
Dentist twice a year and mammogram too
Ob gyn
Eye doctor yearly
General doc yearly
I laugh a lot and realize how having fun is truly the key to staying happy, healthy, and young.