Hi everyone I’m in Boston at the moment and making sure– despite the cold weather–  I still get motivated to get my workouts in.  This week I’ve been hitting up Soul Cycle and seeing my tennis pro… indoor courts of course!

Personally I’m so effected by the weather and my eating habits suffer when I am in cold snowy or rainy places.  I asked my Trainer Rob Atkin (@rob_atkin) who is also from Boston like me to offer his advice!

Bianca: Rob you are a Bostonian originally how do we stay stay motivated in the cold?

Rob: I’ve been there for sure! Schedule your workouts ahead of time and make them a priority.

B: Is there a good time to go?
  • R: Go to the gym early morning (yes when it’s the coldest). You will get it out of the way with and have more energy throughout the day! Pack your gym bag the night before and have some hot coffee ready to go!
B: I can’t live without my am coffee. Besides timing the workout what else keeps you on track?
  • R: Find a workout buddy, class or program that holds you accountable! I work with hundreds of clients (online) from New England and we get through the harsh winters together!
  • Rob keeps in contact with his clients via a private app, only accessible to clients… how cool!
B: I really want to eat healthy but the cold makes me feel like something hearty not just salads. Is that ok?
  • R: Reward yourself with healthy comfort foods! There’s millions of recipes out there for healthy comfort favorites – soups, turkey dishes, spaghetti squash, oatmeal recipes, etc.

Great advice until spring – Thanks Rob!

If you’d like to have Rob’s awesome influence in your life, follow his instagram @rob_atkin, and tell him Bianca sent you!