Now that it’s November and Halloween is behind us, it really feels like the season of holiday parties and social events are racing toward us. I love this time of year. Everyone is so happy and exuberant with the feeling of the holidays and the end of another year! One thing that is really hard to avoid is all of the drinking that goes on around this time of year. Alcohol is such an ingrained aspect of evening gatherings and parties. Champagne and spiked cider for all! Being aware of this, and wanting to keep my body as healthy as possible, I’ve decided to cut out alcohol until Thanksgiving. Especially after all of the incredible wine from my European extravaganza, I feel I owe it to myself to indulge in a serious health kick! I asked my amazing trainer, Rob Atkin what benifits I might see from curbing the cocktails. Rob is an incredible personal trainer and certified nutrition coach. If you don’t already follow his insagram, go follow it now! @rob_atkin


Bianca: What benefits might you feel from not drinking alcohol?

Rob:Better workouts – increased stamina, focus and strength
  • Which in result allows you to burn more fat and increase lean muscle mass
  • Less likely to eat poorly or make poor decisions when drinking
Bianca: How does alcohol affect your ability to stay fit?
  • Rob: Alcohol (especially too much) is not healthy for your body
  • It can mess with your digestion and make it tough for your body to absorb key nutrients that play a role in building muscle
  • Alcohol calories are SUPER dense (9g per kcal) and add up extremely fast – too much drinking can make or break a fat loss diet
  • Also, I’ve never given a solid workout to anyone who went out drinking the night before… just saying! 😉
Bianca: Are some types of alcohol worse than others in terms of what they do to your body?
  • Rob: Not necessarily but just be careful what you mix it with – adding extra sugary mixers to alcohol will make it IMPOSSIBLE to stay in shape… the calorie content is through the roof and it will give you a terrible hangover
  • For moderate/ occasional drinking, I recommend anything neat, on the rocks or with water/soda water.

There you have it folks! The truth from a true professional. Now I’m off to enjoy a delicious fizzy La Croix sparkling water. I’m addicted!