Summertime vacations create some of the best memories for us, and our families. Couples use the time away to re-connect and recharge. But sometimes we over do it on vacation leaving us rundown when we get back to our normal lives. Some simple planning and packing ken supplements before could save your trip from unexpected health issues and allow even better downtime. Here are some easy and simple steps that will keep you feeling great while on the road. 

Lauren Grace is Co-Founder of Healus Health. She is a licensed acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Lauren earned her bachelor’s degree at Fordham University in New York City and received her second bachelor’s degree in Professional Health Sciences, and master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from East West College of Natural Medicine. Lauren opened her acupuncture practice and began working in naturopathic medicine in 2013. She expanded into an integrative clinic in 2014 focusing on nutrition, detoxification, emotional health, and advanced diagnostic testing. Lauren has worked with hundreds of patients with conditions ranging from IBS to autoimmune disease.

— In conversation with Lauren Grace / Healus Health—

Q: How do you eat healthy on vacation?

Be a health detective. Before you travel do some research and scout out a few healthy spots. Farm to table restaurants usually have a nice selection of local, fresh organic food. You can always order simple meals like fish or chicken with vegetables. Even ordering a burger without the bun and a side of veggies can be a healthy meal. Organic produce, wild caught fish, and organic grass fed meat is always your best option if available. Don’t be afraid to indulge here and there, after all you are on vacation. 

Q: You are a big proponent on not skipping breakfast. Why?

Your body needs nutrients of some sort in the morning, and a cup coffee doesn’t count. Having a powdered green drink or protein powder you can make into a smoothie is a great option for travel. You can even travel with a Magic Bullet if you want to make smoothies in your hotel room. It is light and doesn’t take up much room in a suitcase. You can bring zip lock bags of your favorite protein powder, fiber, and anything else you like to put in your shakes. Pick up some fresh fruit and you’re in business. You can save a good amount of money this way. A shake will nourish your body in the AM and keep your blood sugar stable. It will also help prevent you from over indulging at your hotels breakfast buffet.

Q: How can you maintain your weight while traveling?

Traveling with your own smoothie fixings is a great way to start. If you are going to indulge during the day try to just pick one main treat a day. For instance if you have ice cream, try and eat healthy the rest of the day. If you want a decadent dinner out, enjoy it, but just keep your breakfast and lunch on the light side. Watch out for alcohol and keep it in moderation, as that tends to pack on the pounds the fastest. It’s also helpful to stay active while traveling.  But keep in mind that you are on vacation, and it’s important that you have fun and don’t worry about your weight too  much while you are away. 

Q: How do we keep motivated to work out on vacation?

If you’re planning on working out while on vacation there are a number of things you can do. You can always go to a hotel gym or visit a local yoga studio. You can also pack a few resistance bands and do a workout in your room. But it can be more fun to just plan a lot of activities that get you moving. Like going on a hike, exploring a new town by foot, or dancing at night. If this is a romantic get away then have a lot of sex! That’s a great way to get your heart rate going as well. 

Q: Can couples get some help in the bedroom with supplements?

First you want to be careful with overindulging in alcohol if you are planning a romantic evening. Too much alcohol can definitely kill performance. For men try taking Arginine for increased nitric oxide production and better blood flow. (Caution with taking Arginine if you have herpes). For women try taking Maca for an increased sex drive. And both men and women can take Shilajit for a libido and performance boost. 

Q: What other essential supplements do you pack?

Quercetin is a great supplement to pack in case you encounter allergies to the environment or something you ate. This helps reduce the inflammatory response to allergies. I always recommend having some supplement for your gut health, especially when you are eating different food. For us that is the Healus Health Complete Biotic, which helps improve digestion, prevent acid reflux, and keep you regulated. If you are going to be outside in the sun a lot I would bring Astaxanthin with you. It’s a great antioxidant, but also helps protect your skin from getting too sunburned from the inside out. And then I have my little emergency kit that covers a variety of different issues that could come up.

Q: Ok, what essentials are in your emergency travel kit?

Yes, you never want to get sick on vacation. If you do you want to be able to get over it as fast as possible. I always bring Olive Leaf Extract with me. It’s a strong herbal antiviral and antibacterial. If you feel like you are getting sick with a cold start taking this every few hours. It will help prevent and lessen the duration of a cold. Along with this I recommend Colloidal Silver. This is great for colds, and like the Olive Leaf Extract you can take this every few hours if you are getting sick. Activated Charcoal is a great supplement to have on hand for a number of things! One if you are having diarrhea you can take 2-3 charcoal and it will help the diarrhea subside. It’s also great to take 1 or 2 if you are feeling bloated. Just be careful of taking too much as it can cause constipation if you take it in excess.

Q: If you happen to overindulge with the alcohol what is your hangover remedy?

My tip is be proactive when you drink. You can actually use that activated charcoal to prevent a hangover! The rule of thumb is to take 1 charcoal with each drink, and then take a packet of electrolytes with plenty of water before you go to bed. You’ll wake up hangover free. Just be aware that activated charcoal can block some medications, so just double check with your doctor if you are concerned. 

Q: How to ensure the water you drink is safe?

In general it is too risky to drink water from areas you are not accustomed to. And even in the states our quality of water is not the best. It’s best to stick with bottled water. To ensure that you are getting all your minerals you can bring a product called Trace Minerals and add mineral drops to your water. This will keep you hydrated. In addition it’s always a good idea to have Electrolyte packets on hand. They are great for hangovers as I mentioned earlier, but also just for keeping you hydrated and giving you energy.  

Q: What is your recommendation with Sun exposure?

Don’t be afraid the sun! The sun is the greatest gift for energy and regeneration for the body. Contrary to some beliefs, sun is essential for your immune function and your circadian rhythm (sleep cycle). The best time to get sun is in the morning between 7am – 9am. The sun has the most health benefits at this time. If you are going to be in the sun at noon or early afternoon be sure to wear an Organic Sunscreen to protect yourself from burning and sun damage.

Q: How can we max out health opportunities while having a beach day?

The best thing you can do is get your bare feet in the sand! Anytime your feet are on the earth without shoes it is a form of grounding, and the beach is a great place to do it. Grounding has multiple health benefits including reducing stress, improving sleep, and even reducing pain. And while the beach is a great place to lay around, it is also a great place to be active. Go for a swim, toss a Frisbee, or play beach volleyball. Just remember those electrolytes and bottled water to keep yourself hydrated! 

Q: Is there a specific way to unplug for our health?

Yes, I would say if you are on vacation spend less time on your phone and computer, and more time taking in the sights. Of course you’ll want to take pictures, but make sure you are taking in the moment as well, and not just looking for Instagram content. My recommendation; more memories, less social media. 

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