Smooth(ie) Operator

Hi Guys!

Smoothie Alert! Smoothie Alert! We are getting into the dangerous territory of winter months and all of the decadent (ahem…delicious) food that comes along with the season. In order to keep my food-guilt down, I try to be very conscious of what I put in my body throughout the day. A power packed smoothie is the perfect answer for a breakfast that wont weigh me down and still gives energy to be a Mom/CEO/Jet-setter/Producer/ on and on and on! Also, smoothies are so fast and easy. Do you ever just wake up and the thought of cooking breakfast is such a drag? Sometimes fast and easy is the only answer — hello smoothie!

My amazing trainer Rob Atkin (follow him on Instagram for some crazy inspiration @rob_atkin ) wanted to share some of his favorite smoothie recipes for a kick-butt morning! They are low-calorie, high protein, and full of superfoods. I can attest… they are so delicious and healthy.

Happy Blending!

Chocolate Antioxidant Smoothie
Chocolate plant-based protein powder
Cacao powder
Chia seed
Cocoa nibs

Morning Boost Smoothie
Cold brew coffee
Almond milk
Plant-based protein powder
Matcha Powder

Peanut Butter Jelly Protein Smoothie
Coconut milk
Vanilla Plant-based protein powder
Peanut butter
Flax seeds

  1. Tropical Smoothie
    Acai Packet
    Chia Seed
    Maca Powder
    Nonfat Greek Yogurt