How ironic is this– i absolutely HATE needles– but i love IV Vitamin Therapy. Go figure! The first time i tried it was in New York at my doctor’s office. Dr. Frank Lipman is an expert in functional and integrative medicine. He’s helped me get my health into tip top shape over the years.  I opted for the “Myers Cocktail IV” to boost my immunity. I had a lot of travel coming up. The needle is small and you barely feel it. The whole process took around a half hour. Recently I stopped into Next Health in Los Angeles and selected their Brain Vitamin IV. Here you sit for about an hour while your vitamin cocktail is infused into your bloodstream. A pal joined me on this trip. It was so relaxing to catch up with a friend and do something good for our bodies at the same time. For me this is a perfect add-on to the supplements I take every day and I’ve had really good results. After consulting with my doctor I’m really happy with this addition to my health regime. Even if you’re squeamish with needles like me, I encourage you to try it. Just wait till you find how good you feel after!