One of the coolest things about Los Angeles is the easy access to nature. From almost anywhere in the city amazing hiking is just a 30-minute drive away. I love to hike because for me it’s a simple way to get in a strenuous workout– steep hills are great for the legs and booty— and at the same time unplug. In the heart of Hollywood there is the famous Runyon Canyon- literally five minutes from Hollywood Boulevard! I love this hike because as you climb, and yes it is a steep climb, a beautiful view of Los Angeles unfolds beneath you. It’s truly spectacular to suddenly be above all the hustle ‘n bustle. The massive skyscrapers of DTLA look like a little cluster of toys. To the other direction, a nonstop train of miniature-looking 747’s take off from LAX. On a super clear day, you can even make out the shipping cranes way out in Long Beach Harbor! Because of Runyons convenient location, it’s also a fun spot for celebrity sightings— or just happening upon friends. Another one of my faves is Fryman Canyon– it is steep and fast– and very easy to fit into your day. It’s a quick loop conveniently located just off Laurel Canyon when you are ready for a quick hike. I recently learned about a spot in the Santa Monica Mountains called Malibu Canyon. The area is made up of wide walking trails that wind along a river, leading deeper into the wilderness and away from Malibu Canyon Road. From here you can either branch off onto steeper more difficult trails, or stay along the main path which leads to a deep stretch of river and a rock jump! Malibu Canyon sounds like the perfect escape from this LA heat! My pal also swears by Point Dume in Malibu, just under 2 miles from Paradise cove which offers ocean views with an easy hike. I plan on trying both and finding more favorites in this amazing city.