Gym Bag Flat Lay

Hi Loves! I thought it would be fun to share with you my essential items for my gym bag! I love that post-workout-glow feeling after a good workout but sometimes it can be so hard to motivate. I’ve found that keeping a few key items in my bag is all that I need to get me going.

  1. VitaJuwel Water Bottle – A personal, reusable water bottle is so important! I love these because your water becomes energized by the gemstones the glass contains. Even if you aren’t into crystals and healing energy, these glass canteens are just plain pretty! Find out more here.

Sony Headphones – Because music (or podcasts or audio books) duh!

Sometimes I run straight to meetings or errands after a workout so I need to freshen up. The next three items are key! 


Mario Badescu Refreshing Face Mist – This hydrating mist is infused with rosewater and aloe. It feels and smells like heaven to spritz on your face and is so good for your skin too. Get your own bottle here.

Dr Bronners Organic Lavender Body Wash – These soaps are so great. They come in so many scents that are to die for plus they’re organic! Check em out here.

Shimano Spin Shoes – Yes you can cycle without them but it’s so much easier with the proper footwear. These are my favs. Here’s their website.

Chlo√© Sunglasses – For when I leave the gym looking like a sweaty mess — but can hide behind stylish sunnies with a little tinted lip balm — you’d never know!

And a few of my current reads!

The New Health Rules by Frank Lipman M.D.

WTF?! What The French by Oliver Magny