I have been scared of facials for a very long time. The promise of glowing skin after an expensive and sometimes painful treatment was never something I could get used to. I gave up on the thought of having perfect skin years ago.  Until I met Gina Mari. I had been traveling a lot and my skin looked dull.  I knew the planes, trains and changes in climates and altitudes had taken a serious toll. So I decided to call in professional help.  I heard about Gina through this site called google.  Ha.. of course when looking for the best “you name it” we search the internet. When I read up on her style and practice in Los Angeles I felt I could trust her to get the job done. After one consult and treatment my skin looked alive again.  The next day she had me come back for a free touch up. Gina truly cares about her clients and her staff is wonderful.  I have been so happy seeing results that I never thought were achievable! I recommend her to anyone who is looking for perfect skin -it’s a lofty goal but one worth striving for.  Gina is my secret weapon in my pursuit.