Eye on the Prize – My Goals for 2018

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!
I know it seems late… it’s already the 11th after all. But I just took a week after the new year to grab some quiet reflection time.
Instead of jumping into 2018 with a rush and speed of a racing train, I deliberately decided to put the calendar on cruise control and give more thought about what I want to do — create — and enjoy this year.
Yes! Enjoy is one of my priorities because I have realized that for me, the more I love and enjoy a project the more joyful my life becomes.
Now I know this can’t always be the case. We have things that must get done and errands to run, but trying to enjoy the process of life’s seemingly mundane tasks is one my personal favorite challenges. Can you love the ride to the bank? Or folding that fresh laundry? Ha.. I would say some days I’m better at enjoying the scenery on the way or using that moment of calm housework as a mediation.
So when it comes to 2018, yes I have a few personal and professional goals. Interestingly there’s a common thread to them which makes me feel good about aligning my world. I’m working on a brand new show that will air internationally to a global audience. We film in Los Angeles! I’m excited about the creative process and the message it will carry. Personally I hope to continue that global discussion in all I do. Travel more, learn more, and be open to discovering this world. This includes bringing my daughter along on the journey. Teaching her about different cultures and expanding her viewpoint is a mom goal of mine.
It can be a little overwhelming to list goals and try to stick to them. Here’s a few tips that help me see what I want and make conscious decisions that get me closer.
-List specific targets. Get detailed on how you want to feel and accomplish them.
– Have a few ‘pie in the sky’ goals- who says you can’t make your dream a reality?
– List professional and personal goals separately and see if there is a theme.
– Carry over goals from last year, big things don’t happen overnight.
– Plan out the tangible steps you can take immediately to get the energy moving and shifting in that direction.

Treat every day as an opportunity to be the best and kindest version of me

Keep the creative juices flowing

Eat healthy, nourishing food

Read more

Take a staycation or two!

Continue to live on the edge

Enjoy nature