#ThingsImLoving – Essential Oils

On a recent trip to Ojai, California I had the pleasure of creating my own personalized essential oil blend. My daughter and I took a class at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. Inside their own apothecary we learned about the art of aromatherapy. Their resident apothecarist, Holly, guided us through dozens of oils to see which ones resonated with us. We also learned about the healing properties and benefits of specific oils for certain needs. For example, did you know that rosemary helps with mental clarity? My daughter plans to use this before her next big test come school time this fall. Once we selected the oils we were both drawn to we learned how to blend them in our own personalized bottles. What’s really cool is that the resort keeps our recipe on file for whenever we want to order more, or use the scent in other personalized products; anything from body lotions to soaps and room sprays. Recently I’ve been using less and less perfume in exchange for simply essential oils.

Here’s a link to all of the wonderful classes they offer. Ours was the Aroma Custom Blending.