Energy Boosting Food

If you are like me some days are just non-stop. I can be out the door at 7a.m. and not back until late evening. From my spin class and dashing to business meetings and hitting my own appointments sometimes there is little time to breathe, let alone eat. When I’m traveling in different time zones it’s really important for me to keep up my energy. I’ve found that having portable and easy snack on hand really helps. Also knowing what to order and places that serve the right food-fuel help. Fast food isn’t good fuel! Nuts and fresh fruit are always a smart option. Plus with easy, common options, I never have to worry about being unable to hunt down my fav snacks. Just dash into the corner store and grab what I need to keep me going. When I need a quick healthy bite as I’m dashing out the door, half an apple smeared with organic peanut or almond butter is SO yummy. My favorite apples to use are honeycrisp —  The creaminess of the nut butter and the bright crunchy apple is so satisfying. The combo gives my brain the perfect wake-up call to keep me going. Another great snack for me is the side order options at Mendocino Farms. They have all types of healthy sides like curry cauliflower cous cous and vegan potato salad. They always have six or seven delicious options available in case next to the register. And they let you sample them all before you buy!  Instead of getting a sandwich sometimes I’ll just run in and get a quarter pint of one of theses sides. Its filling, fresh, and so tasty! Delicious healthy foods are all around us…. Just look past those brightly colored bags of chips. ;]