Now that it’s almost the end of October, there is no denying that Fall is coming! (Even if the Southern California weather isn’t fully convinced.) It can always be a little hard to figure out wardrobe in these transitioning months. You wake up and its foggy and crisp but by noon its sweltering outside. Soon though, we shall revel in cool days and chilly nights. It’s time to make the big shift in our closets from summer to winter. Here are some tips to get your closet looking cozy…

P.S. How impossible is it to sort clothes without playing at least a little dress up!?

  1. 1. Gather everything that is exclusively summery and rotate it to the back of your closet…yep, that hard to reach awkward corner. That’s the perfect spot. Or if you mostly use a dresser, rotate your summer clothes down to a bottom drawer.

2. Now in all that great space you’ve cleared out, start adding in all of your favorite winter pieces. Shirts and flannels, and cozy sweaters.

3. Go through all your jackets and coats and try them on. Make sure they’re all clean, if some aren’t, now is the perfect time to take them to the cleaner. Nothing worse than pulling out your warmest coat on cold day and finding it still stiff from last season. Ick.

4. Same goes for gloves and scarves. Also pants hangers, the ones with the two lobster claw clips, make great scarf and glove racks. Just neatly fold a scarf into a square or long rectangle and clip it into one side of the hanger. You can do the same with pairs of gloves. Hang multiple hangers in your closet this way and never forget about any of your awesome stuff!

5. Sort your shoes. A large flat plastic container is great for storing summer sandals and tennis shoes. Fill a bin with all your warm weather footwear and slide it under the bed. Next, play dress up in all of your cozy moccasins and boots you forgot about all summer.

6. Lastly, anything you found in your closet that you know you don’t wear anymore or have outgrown, set aside in a pile to donate. Someone will be extremely grateful for it.