Sunglasses, My Favorite Accessory

I have a strange affinity for sunglasses. Since I wear contact lenses my eyes are super sensitive to bright light. I need quality tinted lenses to protect my sensitive pupils. That being said.. I have developed a serious addiction to eyewear as a fashion accessory!  Somehow over the years I’ve expanded my sunglass wardrobe exponentially. There’s just something about them that can instantly change your look — sporty, sexy, old Hollywood–  and that all depends on the frame. Recently I popped into Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook in LA and discovered a great pair of glasses by Elie Saab. (You can pick up a pair for yourself here . I chose the gold frames.) There were a little bit of a splurge but they have quickly become one of my favorite pairs. I can seriously see how important it is to invest a little money when purchasing sunglasses. The high-quality lenses and lightweight frames really do make a difference in the way my eyes feel at the end of the day. I asked Dan himself what we should know when shopping for glasses and why sunglasses shouldn’t be an afterthought. It’s so refreshing to meet someone as in love with eye-wear as me! My main tip… put your sunglasses in a hard-shell case! Some of my favorite pairs are over four years old and still in perfect condition. I’ve ruined so many beautiful pairs from leaving them on top of my head or in a hot car. Continue reading  below to get more tips from the real pro, Dan Deutsch! I had such a great time talking to him at his Sunset Plaza location. Definitely stop by if you find yourself in the area… and tell him Bianca sent you!

Bianca: How do you choose the perfect pair of sunglasses?
Dan Deutsch: There is no one perfect pair of sunglasses. When I’m fitting someone, I try to look for glasses that make a statement without being overwhelming. The basic thing is that the person has to be comfortable with my suggestion, even though often I will present something that they might not have considered before. Of course you really should have a variety of eyewear to suit your moods (You have about 25 pairs, right? I think I maybe preaching to the choir here!) The important thing is not to get caught up finding the one perfect pair, because we’ve got so many great options. 
B: What if money is an issue? What brand(s) would be the best bang for my buck and still provide good eye protection?
DD: Maui Jim and Ray Ban are both good options.
B: Why are sunglasses one of the most important accessories? 
DD: Because we always looking at a person’s face (not their shoes!) and they enhance and emphasize certain features of the face. Also, compared to the magnitude of their impact, sunglasses are one of the least expensive accessories.
B: Who are your top three brands for “Splurge/Moderate/Deal?”
DD: Today I’m going to go with Chrome Hearts sunglasses for a splurge. Anne et Valentin is amazing quality and design that don’t cost quite as much. For the last category, you may not know that I have my own line of basics that are well priced.  
B: You’ve said before that having the wrong sunglasses can impact your energy. Why do you think so and what can we do to change it? 
DD: Well, there are different kinds of energy. On a basic level if the glasses aren’t offering great protection, you’ll be squinting and yours eyes will get tired. But on another level, if you feel great about what you are wearing, your whole approach to everything improves. People will respond to you in a more positive way, not only because you look good, but also because you feel confident. 


These are all of my sunglasses! I told you I had an obsession. Eek!


Dan and I talking eyewear