Makeup Looks For Summer

Hello my loves. Spring is finally here! Time to shed the sweaters and scarves and bask in the sun. In Paris, I was overwhelmed by (and loving) the color everywhere…plants, flowers, bold prints, pastel purses, and unexpectedly, makeup! Vibrant hues of eyeliner, shadow, and lipstick were coursing through the city, giving the wearer such a cool POP of individuality. Everything from soft and feminine to bold and dark– French women are such a makeup inspiration. They are pros at the no-makeup look with BOLD red or dark lips. It is so striking and just.. Wow. For a softer and fun look. I’ve been seeing girls using the same pink blush from their cheeks on their eyes as well. Just a dab of moisture on your lips and a touch of mascara (or not!) and hello fairy goddess. No colors are off limits this spring. I’m not sure if teal lipstick is quite for me but for the gals that rock it– you go girl! I think the real trend this spring is to just be YOU. Be wild with color at the most and at the least, don’t let anyone’s opinions or judgement hold you back. If blue eyeliner is your thing one day, I love that. I think expression in all ways is beautiful. Whatever makes you confident and ready to make the day yours… that is the best trend of all.