It’s hard when we are bombarded on social media of gorgeous images to sift through and decide what it is you really like as compared to what is just being marketed to make you feel you have it. Developing a personal style helps us overcome this.

I once worked with an amazing stylist who told me he never looked at fashion magazines. Never? Wait…so the September issue mandates are an outdated way of dressing? Well…yes and no. Meaning, of course, we like to learn about new emerging brands and trends but living according to them and subscribing to a theory of someone’s else list of ‘it bags’ or must-haves can be a trap.

Getting started!

When I say developing a personal style what I mean the feeling YOU wear the clothes. They don’t wear you. It’s not complicated but it can be intimidating at times and the media doesn’t make it easy to navigate. I’ve tried to curate a closet that works for my life, not some editor’s opinion of what my life is. Happy closet curating!

Developing Your Own Personal Style

1. Does it fit

Can we promise to stop buying things to tailor or diet it get into. Yes even if it’s on sale. Been there done that. Dust collectors in the closet I buy things for the now…. It’s a closet, not a museum

2. Use it or lose it

This applies to clothes and accessories. Why have a purse you are afraid to take out? That isn’t fun. Own pieces you treasure and love to put on and carry. It’s fun to have one or two signature pieces you use often. It could be a great ring or cuff bracelet that is a style statement that carry’s across your pieces.

3. Walking in heels, or flats

I love shoes so, I tend to gravitate towards them. But in reality, if you don’t enjoy shoes you can get away with just a few basics. Unfortunately the better the quality the bigger the price tag. It is true these tend to last longer and feel more comfortable. Do crunch the numbers and see what you can afford as replacing them every few years may not make sense cost-wise. Wear the heel height and thickness you feel comfortable in and you will walk with confidence into every room.

  • Pumps: Black, Nude, White
  • Optional: Silver or Gold pump
  • Strappy evening sandal
  • Flats – ballet or a slide
  • Wedge sandal
  • Athletic sneaker – for working out not fashion
  • Low bootie thick heel
  • Knee boot: depending on region and your taste could be cowboy or black heel or flat neutral riding style.

4. Color

Some expert swear by using monochrome colors to build basics and yes there is a system to that which makes dressing easy. But if you love color how does that system work for you? You’ll end up owning a closet of basics that make you feel basic.

My advice is to build a go-to system with neutrals if that makes you happy. Color aficionados opt for a few black / Grey and / cream bottoms and tops. Then mix in your patterns and colors to your heart desires. I also love dresses but if you don’t, then skip them. You can be feminine with great wide-leg pants, culottes, or smart jumpsuits.

If you like dresses I find they make things easy. I use them as a base. I suggest finding your favorite cut for sleeve, neckline and length then keeping with that. When you buy pieces that fit your body well you exude confidence as if you just walked off the page of a magazine.

5. Confidence comes with time

There are many ways to shape your personal style. What sets your personal style apart from someone else’s, be it color, material or fit, etc… should always match your personality. Over time you will learn more from trying new things and seeing how they feel.

If you like to be the center of attention on a night out with friends, investing in a gorgeous necklace or a shimmering jacket that sparkles could be fun.  Creating your personal style is not just about reflecting who we are. It also helps display the image we want to give of ourselves to the world. While it is safer to stay in your comfort zone, you should try to push the limits and experiment at times. 

That said feeling comfortable in your clothes every time you go out will give you more confidence. Discovering your style, its peculiarity, what really expresses your uniqueness is really fun. It will also give you the freedom to buy and wear only what truly represents the woman you are!