I was so excited to chat with Grit Daily’s Jordan French here are a few excerpts and full piece in link below.

“Today we value authenticity,” says Bianca de la Garza, the Emmy-nominated journalist and lifestyle expert. “Authenticity manifests in unique items and experiences that add to our lives more than to our closets and dining room tables.” De la Garza touts lifestyle trends that support wellbeing in a modern environment. The single mother, broadcaster and entrepreneur has sought balance in her own life and it was reflected in her minimalist beauty line and a running theme with the brands she consults.

“Your lifestyle should be something that supports you,” she continues. “It should not be something you have to maintain.” Her ideas are reflected in Fumio Sasaki’s book, Goodbye, Things. The author argues that every material item we hold onto requires time and mental energy for maintenance, and we ought to be thoughtful about the space that we make in our homes and minds to hold our things.

Rather than adding more moving parts to the machine when it’s already strained, de la Garza suggests stripping everything nonessential away and focusing on what made it work in the first place.

“Brands that will reach the next generation of consumers are connecting more personally with their shoppers and making their lives easier,” continues de la Garza. “Consumers understand that trying to have it all is a fruitless effort, because there’s always a new shiny object. Companies that understand this are focusing more on niching down and offering products and services that reflect and support the lifestyle that consumers want.”