I’ve been really fortunate to be soaking in some of the LA winter this year. It’s super important for me to be in a work space and home that gives me a sense of joy… I can create my best work and be inspired. I love to have photos of loved ones and special moments displayed. Family china that was passed down from my mom or items I picked out while traveling with my daughter are essential. Even seashells I collect on beach vacations become a special touch for my decor.

That all said, being out west recently is definitely changing up my normal and dare I say… rut … of decorating ideas. Things that would work great in my east coast work space felt totally off here. Sometimes a color just came off too loud or a  lamp that caught the mirror desk in a ton of sunlight and created an overbearing glare. But even taking these objects away, I still found no matter how I arranged and rearranged my rooms still felt stale. My stuff was the same so why was it suddenly feeling less “me”?

Finally I figured it out. PLANTS! My windows and bright airy space were begging for some greenery. To enjoy those LA views,  leafy palms and ficus were exactly the thing to brighten the spaces and add a lush homey feel I was missing. I began asking around to find out what plants would work best in my space with the light/humidity I could (or couldn’t!) provide. It was in doing this that I discovered an added and almost better bonus. Many plants that are best suited for indoor habitats are natural air purifiers! I absolutely love that I can do something positive for my physical health in tandem with aiding my mental health. Follow this link here to learn more about what plants are great for indoors and can also purify your air!

You wouldn’t believe how happy a room feels with gorgeous greenery tucked into the corners! Now before you lament about your lack of a green thumb, many indoor plants require minimal water– even succulents and cactus can grow indoors! I kill most everything green so if I can do this I know anyone can! Give it a try and your lungs will be happy too. If you are busy and feel plants are too much of a commitment, fresh flowers are wonderful too!  Below are some beautiful examples of houseplants to inspire you! xoxo