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Hiking in Los Angeles

One of the coolest things about Los Angeles is the easy access to nature. From almost anywhere in the city amazing hiking is just a 30-minute drive away. I love to hike because for me it’s a simple way to get in a strenuous workout– steep hills are great for the legs and booty— and… Read more »

Don’t Skip Your Mamogram!

One thing I’m really vigilant about is my health. No matter how busy I  am or how hectic my life becomes–between juggling my company and family commitments– I do not let my mammogram appointments lapse. Breast cancer took my mother and grandmother’s life and affected some of my closest friends. I really encourage every woman… Read more »

IV Vitamin Therapy

How ironic is this– i absolutely HATE needles– but i love IV Vitamin Therapy. Go figure! The first time i tried it was in New York at my doctor’s office. Dr. Frank Lipman is an expert in functional and integrative medicine. He’s helped me get my health into tip top shape over the years.  I… Read more »

Facials in Los Angeles

I have been scared of facials for a very long time. The promise of glowing skin after an expensive and sometimes painful treatment was never something I could get used to. I gave up on the thought of having perfect skin years ago.  Until I met Gina Mari. I had been traveling a lot and… Read more »

Energy Boosting Food

If you are like me some days are just non-stop. I can be out the door at 7a.m. and not back until late evening. From my spin class and dashing to business meetings and hitting my own appointments sometimes there is little time to breathe, let alone eat. When I’m traveling in different time zones… Read more »