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Fasting for Your Health

Fasting! I’m sure you’ve heard about it. A diet technique that cuts the amount you eat in the day and separates your meals by vast hours. Many people have strong opinions about fasting. “It’s just starving yourself!”  “It’s too harsh on your body” “I’ll pass out!” But many studies have been done and there can be some… Read more »

Winter is Coming

Now that it’s November and Halloween is behind us, it really feels like the season of holiday parties and social events are racing toward us. I love this time of year. Everyone is so happy and exuberant with the feeling of the holidays and the end of another year! One thing that is really hard… Read more »

Working Woman

As I sit on the plane flying back to Los Angeles, I took a deep breath and practically sank into my seat. I’ve been traveling a LOT lately. Partially for work and partially for play, I’ve been going full speed for quite a few weeks. Thinking about my travel schedule and my family schedule, and… Read more »

Smooth(ie) Operator

Hi Guys! Smoothie Alert! Smoothie Alert! We are getting into the dangerous territory of winter months and all of the decadent (ahem…delicious) food that comes along with the season. In order to keep my food-guilt down, I try to be very conscious of what I put in my body throughout the day. A power packed… Read more »

Gym Bag Flat Lay

Hi Loves! I thought it would be fun to share with you my essential items for my gym bag! I love that post-workout-glow feeling after a good workout but sometimes it can be so hard to motivate. I’ve found that keeping a few key items in my bag is all that I need to get… Read more »

Soul Cycle

I confess…one of my obsessions is SoulCycle! I’ve never loved cardio. Can’t stand the elliptical. Went through my running/marathon phase, and have now found that spinning is the perfect solution for me to burn calories. Lately I’ve been trying to go five days a week no matter what city I’m in. The workout is so… Read more »

#ThingsImLoving – Essential Oils

On a recent trip to Ojai, California I had the pleasure of creating my own personalized essential oil blend. My daughter and I took a class at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. Inside their own apothecary we learned about the art of aromatherapy. Their resident apothecarist, Holly, guided us through dozens of oils to… Read more »

Hiking in Los Angeles

One of the coolest things about Los Angeles is the easy access to nature. From almost anywhere in the city amazing hiking is just a 30-minute drive away. I love to hike because for me it’s a simple way to get in a strenuous workout– steep hills are great for the legs and booty— and… Read more »

Don’t Skip Your Mamogram!

One thing I’m really vigilant about is my health. No matter how busy I  am or how hectic my life becomes–between juggling my company and family commitments– I do not let my mammogram appointments lapse. Breast cancer took my mother and grandmother’s life and affected some of my closest friends. I really encourage every woman… Read more »

IV Vitamin Therapy

How ironic is this– i absolutely HATE needles– but i love IV Vitamin Therapy. Go figure! The first time i tried it was in New York at my doctor’s office. Dr. Frank Lipman is an expert in functional and integrative medicine. He’s helped me get my health into tip top shape over the years.  I… Read more »