Soul Cycle

I confess…one of my obsessions is SoulCycle! I’ve never loved cardio. Can’t stand the elliptical. Went through my running/marathon phase, and have now found that spinning is the perfect solution for me to burn calories. Lately I’ve been trying to go five days a week no matter what city I’m in. The workout is so fun, and I love how i feel afterwards. It really is addicting. I know some people who are wary of trying it…and you definitely do want to know what you’re doing a little bit beforehand. It’s not “just riding a bike.” I asked the pros at SoulCycle for some do’s and don’ts to get a newbie started. Follow this link to their website and read a little bit about their specific approach. I hope you try it, and enjoy it as much as I do. Maybe you’ll become obsessed like me!

Before our class! <3 @epagac @kanelk_k