My Favorite RED Lipstick… by Terry

I have to admit it. I was in a major lip rut for years. It’s almost worst than a hair rut. I mean come on your color and style is expensive to change. But a lip color? Really what’s the harm in trying a new shade – it’s inexpensive and requires zero commitment. Wait this is awful- wipe it off and in seconds it’s a memory. So why I refused to break out of my nude lip obsession I really don’t understand.  What I do know is that after spending more time with my Parisian friends I was inspired to take a bold move- red lips! Stealing a page from my French beautés I decided to pop into Bon Marche to find my perfect red. It was a go big or go home type of day. I was not going to get a red gloss or a sheer red lipstick. This was full on red, one that would be bright and scream out confidence. I have to admit part of my hesitation was always thinking I would turn any red lips into a clown-like mess while gulping my coffee or having lunch during the day. Fearing no one would tell me, I’d end up walking around like a complete freak show.  Seeing the french wear it with ease and almost a simplicity, I now felt ready to grow up. The red I chose was creamy and instantaneously felt right. It was By Terry — Rouge Terrybly — in 201 Terrific Rouge. The red lip liner (waterproof ) #4 Red Cancan also was there to contain any transgressions. The verdict? I’m sold. The trick? You can’t wear it with anything else really or you risk looking garish. I’ve noticed how much quicker my makeup routine has become. A little tinted moisturizer, LIPS, and gone. I have to say I do need to check the compact for smudges… and I’m not totally aware of how to deal when it begins to wear off.. Tips? I’ve caught a few glimpses of a worn-in look that is less than desirable. That all said,it’s worth it!! The feeling of breaking my rut (and not having my lips disappeared in photos) is killer.